2018 Board of Directors

                              2018 Board of Members  

Lisa Dawsey Smith - President

Rob Boostrom - Vice President

When I first moved to Whitewater, the first thing I felt was a sense of homecoming.  This was just the community I had been hoping to raise kids in.  My background is in retail management, but I have been fortunate enough since becoming a mother to devote my time to homeschooling my beautiful girls and volunteering my time to things I care passionately for.  I care passionately for downtown Whitewater from the stunning architecture, vibrant history, to its host of small businesses.  It is my hope that as a community we can all share the infectious spirit of my youngest daughter who exclaims whenever we are near, "Mommy this is Whitewater!" 

Katie Nass - Secretary 

I have worked for First Citizens State Bank since September 2001 and my current position is a Loan Officer. One of the most rewarding parts of my job is working with a first-time homebuyer and getting them into a new home.  I’m what you would consider a “townie.” I was born and raised in Whitewater, graduated from Whitewater High School and also received my degree in Finance from UW-Whitewater. Whitewater is my home. I enjoy volunteering with Downtown Whitewater Inc. for many reasons.  I believe that an active and busy downtown is vital to the success of a community. I’ve been fortunate to meet new people that I might have not gotten to know as well had I not joined this organization. It’s a good feeling when you get positive feedback after an event or others noticing how clean our downtown area is and even though I’m not directly involved with every aspect, I love being a part of an organization that is consistently doing it’s best to make Whitewater a better place to work, live and play.

Howard Kim

Jonathan Petitt

Cesar Mendoza

Cameron Clapper

(City Representative)

My name is Rob Boostrom and I’m an Associate Professor of marketing at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. I’ve taught here since 2010 after receiving my PhD from Southern Illinois University. Prior to that, I had a career in database marketing with Sprint as well as Crate and Barrel. My wife, Kristen, and I live in Cold Spring and we have been involved with Downtown Whitewater since March of 2012. My favorite part of being involved in Downtown Whitewater is our community events (and you may note I look a bit like the dancing piece of bacon that has frequently MC’d the Halloween parties). Being part of DTWW gives me a chance to be a part of the events and projects that bring us together as a community and I’m proud of what we’ve been able to do year after year.

Garrett Smith - Treasurer 

Kori Oberle

    My story begins in Whitewater.  My Dad came here for college in the 1950s, my Mom joined him soon after, and by the mid-1960s we had become a family of six. Early memories include going downtown with my Dad and brothers on Friday nights when all the stores were open until 9:00 p.m.! While my Dad visited with store owners, I scoped out the interiors of the big old store buildings. Sometimes we were allowed upstairs or behind the curtain!

    Like Katie Nass, I also graduated from Whitewater High School and from UW-Whitewater. However, I left town to work in the Wisconsin history business for the Wisconsin Historical Society, Wisconsin Public TV, and a nearby municipality as a museum director. Fast forward to 2014, and my story brings me back to Whitewater as a recently married retiree with a few good projects left to accomplish. In addition to helping my parents, who have also returned home, enjoy their later years, I feel intrigued to help bring back some of that magic that I remember experiencing in downtown Whitewater. Back in the last century. Nostalgic I am.

WSG Student Representative

UW-Whitewater is home to a vibrant student population. We are honored to have an individual from campus student government as a member of our board so that our planning and discussions as an organization can better encompass the whole of our community.  The faces of the student body change considerably from year to year, so we are thankful for the commitment of WSG in assisting us with providing this representation.