Community Tip Jar

 About This Project

With the most recent order by Governor Evers, some of our local downtown businesses have had to close their doors to the public or significantly reduce staffing levels. Due to this many local servers, baristas and bartenders are either out of a job or working minimal hours. With this in mind, Downtown Whitewater Inc. has created a virtual tip jar to help support our local service industry staff. If you would like to help support some of these hard working individuals that help make Whitewater special, please consider sending a tip to them. 

      How To Tip

Below is a button you can click to be taken to our list of service industry workers that are currently accepting tips. Once you find the person or people you would like to tip their PayPal/Venmo info will be available for you to make a tip to. 

  Want to Sign Up? 

To sign up please click the button below and fill out the form.Community members will be able to tip you via Paypal/Venmo and all money tipped will go directly to you.