East Gateway Sculptures

a public art project

The East Gateway Sculptures, titled Ascent and Bloom by Milwaukee artist Richard Taylor, are dedicated by Fort Community Credit Union to its members and the Whitewater community.

Locations (marked with     )  :


Each sculpture draws on the past, present, and future of the Whitewater community. While drivers may remark the similarity to trees and appreciate the way they blend into the city’s landscaping, walkers and bikers are able to take in each panel, or “branch”. Images of items from the Esterly Reaper factory, agricultural plowing patterns, and native birds are among images featured. Artist Richard Taylor also received assistance from the Whitewater Historical Society while researching the area. Viewers are encouraged to view the pieces and plan a visit to the Depot Museum to see the featured historical artifacts and learn more about Whitewater’s colorful past. A link to the Whitewater Historical Society website can be found here. 

Taylor said of his process, “My approach to the Gateway Sculptures was first to use abstract tree compositions. Rusted steel seemed appropriate for the material as it is very durable, has an organic look to it, and requires no maintenance. I tried to unify these symbols [of Whitewater’s history and spirit] not only by their placement near one another, but by a subtle theme of arcs flowing through the artwork, like water flowing in the river. The pieces are topped by two iconic Whitewater items, the bell in front of City Hall and the stars from the flag in the Historical Society. Whitewater has a rich history, and it was fun and rewarding paying tribute to it in these sculptures.”


Please click here to see illustrations of the pieces' panels. You will note slight changes between the renderings here and the finished product. This is the result of the artistic process and working with community input.

   Photos with Artist Richard Taylor in his Studio   

   Sculpture Installation Photos   

  Landscaping Photos with UW-Whitewater Learning Communities