• Sarah Liedtke

Historic Train Depot

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

The Whitewater Passenger Depot was built in 1890-91 as part of the Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul Railroad as part of the Milwaukee line. Architect J. T. W. Jennings was the mastermind behind the High Victorian Gothic style building featuring pointed arch openings and multiple different building materials. The depot served both passenger and freight trains until 1951 when it ended it’s passenger service. Through the 1950s and ‘60s, the Depot was used as a feed store with a telegraph service still operating from the old ticket office. In 1973, the City of Whitewater took ownership of the Depot in order to lease it out to the Whitewater Historical Society for a Historical Museum that opened in 1974. The Whitewater Historical Society still operates the Whitewater Historical Museum out of the Train Depot, where you can find artefacts and photos from throughout Whitewater’s history.

Thank you to Carol Cartwright and the Whitewater Historical Society for providing this information.

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