• Sarah Liedtke

How Universities Enrich a Community

College towns get a bad rep, and people often overlook all of the benefits that a university can bring to a town. The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater offers many programs and opportunities that make Whitewater a stronger community.

A variety of camps and conferences are held on campus every year. Athletic camps and clinics, and music camps, lessons, and day clinics are offered year round for kids of all ages. Other camps such as Game Development Camp, Growing Writers Camp, and Theatre Camp among others are offered during the summer. High school students can also attend the Creative Writing and/or KEMPA Journalism Conferences, while the Brew Expo and Early Childhood Conference bring together adults that share similar passions.

The Young Auditorium and Greenhill Center of the Arts offer enrichment for people of all ages, from children’s programming to world-class performances of critically-acclaimed plays and musicals. The theatre, music, art, and dance departments also perform and present their own work. The Crossman Gallery offers regional, national, and international exhibits right here in Whitewater!

UW-Whitewater also offers lots of options for continuing education. They offer courses, workshops, and lectures for both personal enrichment and professional development. In addition to both online and on campus options, they also host the Fairhaven Lecture Series which is completely free and open to the public. These lectures are held every Monday during the regular semester at 3:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall of Fairhaven Senior Services. The Ed2Go program offers a variety of online classes on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The service learning program connects student volunteers with opportunities to volunteer in the local community. With 51,699 volunteer hours annually, UW-Whitewater students get a lot done! From growing produce to support the local food pantry to community volunteering projects and Make a Difference Day, the student body does a lot to enrich Whitewater.

Finally, a study done at Duke University suggests that the value of homes near a university are generally higher than those farther away.

So next time someone asks how terrible living in a college town is, you can let them know that actually, it’s pretty great!

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