• Sarah Liedtke

Whitewater Hotel

The Whitewater Hotel was built in 1855 by Luther Cadman, and was originally called the American House. The hotel was geared towards traveling salesmen and patrons who were not very well off, and attracted many short-term travelers due to its proximity to the railroad. In May 1892, the Whitewater Hotel experienced a fire that destroyed the main block of the building and a day later, the remaining wing of the hotel was lost to a suspected arson fire. The current building was built as a more upscale, commercial hotel and was reopened in 1894. The hotel remained opened through the 1950s, when hotel preferences changed to more modern options, and it sat vacant for many years. It was almost demolished several times, and even suffered another fire. Finally in 2006, it was renovated for historic preservation and reopened as an apartment building. Currently it is home to The SweetSpot Cafe.

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