Get ready, record breaker!

1. A Dish to Pass

     - Simply bring the equivalent of one casserole dish, cake pan or bowl. You do not need enough to feed 2,000 people!  

     - Yes, we encourage you to bring a family recipe!

     - Please bring a recipe card so that we know ingredients (if the recipe is a secret, a simple list will do!). We may create a community cookbook from what you bring if there is interest!

     - There will be a shaded area for desserts, but we will not be supplying power.


Please note:  We will be marking vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and nut-containing dishes, but we cannot promise those with allergies will not come into contact with these things. These dishes are made in home kitchens and no responsibility will be taken by the cook or the organizing committee. Please use your best judgement.

Things to bring:

2. Place settings

     - Recyclable plastic plates, utensils, and cups will be provided, however if you prefer to bring your own, we encourage that! 

3. Picnic blankets

     - Some tables and chairs will be provided, but we ask that preference be given to those who may struggle to sit on the ground. 

     - A prize will be given for most unique picnic blanket!

     - Lawn chairs are also allowed

1. Alcohol

     - Cravath Lakefront Park does not allow alcohol without a special permit. Please leave it home during this event, but join us for a beer at the Whitewater City Market on Tuesdays!

Things to leave home:

2. Unleashed dogs

     - Please use your best judgement on whether or not this activity would be fun for your four-legged family members. If you think yes, please keep your dog leashed during the event, but we would love to have them. We will have water bowls out to keep them hydrated!