Whitewater Makerspace

To create a collaborative, affordable, and inspirational educational environment where people at all stages of life can access old and new skill sets, cross-pollinate ideas, become active and thoughtful consumers, and become innovators who build healthy and sustainable communities.

Whitewater Makerspace wants to create a space for collaboration where young people can learn and share their interests, hobbyists can share their knowledge, "old-fashioned" skills are relearned and re-examined, and mid-career workers can gain inspiration. Every day we hear the laments of media, business owners, and educators that today’s American lacks the skills to compete in today’s globalized world. We want to provide an environment of participatory learning where it's OK to take chances and make mistakes, where one is encouraged to learn at one's own pace.

Located at: 1206 E Bluff Rd

Whitewater, Wisconsin 53190

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